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Cabinets & racks
Black Box Elite Cabinets and Racks
More features and options than any other Black Box cabinet.
The Elite™ Cabinet family from Black Box delivers more features and options than any other Black Box cabinet—more door and panel choices, more cable management, features like high-flow mesh on all mesh doors, and dual universal PDU mounting brackets. Plus Elite Cabinets feature heavy-duty, welded steel construction. The cabinets arrive fully assembled and ready to populate.

Elite Cabinets can be customized to your specifications in two business days or less. For details, contact our FREE Tech Support. 
Fully customizable for your specific applications.

1. Choose from the following Elite Cabinet sizes:
    • 24U x 60cm W x 100cm D
    • 24U x 75cm W x 80cm D
    • 38U x 75cm W x 80cm D
    • 42U x 60cm W x 100cm D
    • 42U x 75cm W x 100cm D
    • 45U x 60cm W x 90cm D
    • 45U x 60cm W x 100cm D
    • 45U x 75cm W x 80cm D
    • 45U x 75cm W x 90cm D
    • 45U x 75cm W x 100cm D
    • 45U x 75cm W x 120cm D

2. Choose your rails: M6 or 10-32

3. Add front and rear doors in a choice of these styles:
  • Solid
  • High-flow mesh
  • Split high-flow mesh
  • Split solid with fans
  • Open with no doors

4. Select side panels:
  • Solid
  • High-flow mesh
  • Open with no sides

5. Select a top panel:
  • Solid
  • Mesh
  • Single-fan, 25cm, 930m³/h
  • Dual-fan, 25cm, 1860m³/h 
  • 3-fan, 10cm, 380m³/h 
  • 6-fan, 10cm, 760m³/h 
  • Open with no top panel

You can also add anti-tip legs. Standard keyed locks on doors can be replaced by a combination lock.

For details on having an Elite Cabinet built your way, contact our FREE Tech Support. 


For some regularly requested applications, we do already have pre-configured Cabinets.

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