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Seven reasons you need a
wireless presentation system

Seven reasons you need a wireless presentation system

by Leanne Persang

Preparing content for a presentation is daunting enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about how the presentation system works. If you’re a company that meets regularly or has recurring presentations, you need a wireless presentation system.

There are many reasons to use this cost-effective and flexible solution. Here are seven to start:

1. No cables

Ever had to get up and interrupt an important presentation just because you needed to swap cables in and out of the projector? Save yourself from the hassle of figuring out what cable goes where. Plus, cables add unnecessary clutter. Let’s not add them where they aren’t needed.

2. Display from any device

We work in a mobile-centric world. To be efficient and user friendly, your meeting space should cater to all mobile devices. That includes tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Most wireless presentation systems allow you to display content from any of these devices. Oh, and save yourself the cost of buying a remote presenter. You don’t need it. Just install a smartphone application. The wireless connection enables the application to communicate with PowerPoint, for example, to remotely control your presentation slides from the convenience of your personal mobile device.

3. Multi-user collaboration

Several users can access the system at once. Changing presenters is as simple as one click. This interactivity is perfect for open-forum discussion in conference rooms, classrooms, or lecture halls.

4. Long-range connectivity

Some wireless presentation systems, like the Black Box Wireless HDMI Presentation System, can reach up to 90 metres! Ideal for large rooms like auditoriums and lecture halls where users are stationed far from a projector.

5. Multi-screen distribution

Show multiple sources at the same time on one screen. This is great for education and training applications where the audience can make side-by-side comparisons.

6. Free up your IT team

There’s no need for AV support when you’re using a wireless presentation system. Just fire up your laptop, tablet, or PC; connect to the network; and open the wireless presentation system software. Then, it’s go time.

7. Take presentations on the road

Slim, compact versions are available for when you need to travel or move frequently from room to room. These devices fit in your pocket. When you’re ready to present, simply plug it into a display or projector for quick presentation sharing. Some models, like the Micro Wireless Presentation Tool, provide 802.11n Wi-Fi support, which delivers up to five times the throughput and greater range of earlier Wi-Fi technology.

Need more reasons to go wireless? Find out why the US government opted for the Wireless Presentation System in our case study or contact one of our technical engineers.

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