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Healthcare Technology Solutions

Enhancing the Patient Experience

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Healthcare operations rely on leading-edge technology to improve patient experiences, optimize workflows, and make certain no errors occur in crucial, time-sensitive situations. Black Box provides powerful KVM, digital signage, cabling, and other solutions tailor-made for large hospitals, small medical private practices, and any healthcare facility in between.

Black Box Solutions for Healthcare

KVM Switching
and Extension

KVM, HD video and peripheral matrix switching give users access to a variety of target devices

Visual Communications
and Wayfinding

Create, distribute and manage attention-getting digital signage without a lot of creative or technical know-how

and Infrastructure

A full range from low to high-end storage solutions and a cable portfolio that is one of the widest in the industry

Technology Solutions

A broad portfolio of technology solutions that connect your leadership, staff, and patients

Featured Healthcare Technology Products

MCX AV over IP

Deliver 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 video and audio without sacrificing latency, video quality, or bandwidth. MCX offers advanced features like seamless switching; zero source to display latency; and video scaling options, such as multiview, picture-in-picture, split-screen, and more.

iCOMPEL® Digital Signage

This digital signage solution lets you create a better patient experience with clear wayfinding signage and scheduling update boards. It also engages staff with easy content control.

Emerald® Unified KVM

Experience pixel-perfect HD or 4K video resolution for high-quality imaging with no blurring or pixelation. Perfect for medical imaging where picture quality is crucial.

USB 3.0 / 2.0 Extenders

Overcome the distance between medical imaging equipment in the imaging room and host computers in the technician room, without compromising on image quality.

Fiber Patch Cables

High-quality pre-terminated fiber cable that provides maximum uptime in crucial medical environments. Plug-and-play installation means no headaches during deployment.

Soundproof Cabinets

Put networking equipment where you need it — without the noise, space, or cost concerns. Choose from cabinets ranging from 12U to 42U.


Healthcare Solutions


Emerald Unified KVM


MCX AV-over-IP


iCOMPEL® Digital Signage Player


Technology Solutions


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