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DKM Extender/DKM FX Switch Configurator

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The DKM Configurator will assist you in assembling Modular DKM Extenders and Modular DKM FX Switches according to your needs. It also allows you to add and request Compact DKM Extenders for your application. The configurator offers these benefits:

  • Automatic, real-time check ensures that your system has been configured correctly to avoid costly input errors

  • Provides visualization of the configuration to support your internal and external communication, including 2D images

  • Easy-to-use tool helps with your system drawings

  • Conveniently download your configuration in a PDF format and contact your account manager to request a quote

Start your project now with the DKM configurator tool.


Modular DKM Extenders provide the widest range of possible interface combinations, which makes it easy to customize the signal extension for your specific application.

These extenders are comprised of modular housings with 2, 4, 6, or 21 available slots with AC or DC power supplies, optional power redundancy and an optional backplane architecture for hot-swappable exchange of the modules. Each housing must be equipped with at least one basic module offering HDMI, DVI-D or DVI-I interfaces and two USB HID ports.

The main boards are available with single or dual video, USD HID and optional link redundancy. The upgrade modules offer a wide selection for additional choices like analogue and/or digital audio, further USB HID ports, embedded USB 2.0, RS-232, RS-422 as well as analogue video inputs. For demanding USB 2.0 applications such as large file transfers, there is also a high-speed USB 2.0 module available with 480-Mbps throughput.

Modular DKM FX Switches enable you to configure KVM Matrix Switches based on a wide chassis/port selection as you require. Mix and match fiber and CATx ports through cards and SFPs plugged into its slots.

With the switch, you get a controller card, which has USB keyboard/mouse and HDMI monitor connectors for local KVM administration; a dual RJ-45 port for interfacing up with your network and a client machine that has the DKM FX Java tool installed; a serial port for control via an external RS-232 device; and an SDI gunlock interface. Because the card has a built-in CPU, you can control all functions from any console without the need for an external CPU or media controller.

Compact DKM Extenders feature a compact housing preconfigured with the most common video and peripheral interface combinations, either over CATx or fiber. Use these extenders for sources and consoles that don’t require a customized configuration.

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