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How Black Box's True USB Emulated Wizard KVM Switches compare to other standard solutions

DVI KVM Emulated USB Switching Comparison

Powerful switching between 4 CPUs with DVI/VGA video, USB and Audio

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The Wizard KVM switches provide high performance switching between computers with DVI, USB and audio interfaces. They allow a single user to control four computers fitted with single, dual, triple or quad video channels while sharing the USB and audio channels individually between them. Even better these KVM switches are 100% compatible with the LRX KVM extenders to access also remote computers.

Black Box's Wizard KVM Switching vs Standard KVM Switching
Features Standard KVM Switch Black Box Wizard KVM Switch
USB Emulation Standard USB Emulation for USB HID, USB 1.1, USB 2.0 True USB Emulation for USB HID plus transparent USB 1.1 & USB 2.0
Video (DVI) Single Link DVI up to 1920 x 1200, no HDCP support Full Dual Link DVI up to 4K30; special resolutions (2000x2000), VGA & HDCP pass-through
Video Channels One Single Link DVI-channel Options with 1, 2, 3, or 4 Dual Link DVI-channels
KVM Extension None or limited compatibility with KVM Extenders 100% compatible with LRX KVM Extenders
Computer Selection Via Push buttons and/or hotkeys Hotkey, push buttons, mouse & RS232
Future-safe No upgrades available Free Upgrades for future peripheral protocols etc.
Rack mounting Desktop only Desktop units with optional 19" rack mount kits
Security None Optional password protection

Standard USB emulation vs. True USB Emulation

True Emulation means that the keyboard and mouse are continuously emulated to computers, meaning that all the extra keys and functions of HID devices are supported without the unreliability problems associated with switched (enumerated) USB operation.

Emulated USB

USB Emulation Comparison: Emulated USB

The inside view of a typical emulated USB switch

The keyboard and mouse are linked to a host controller (a sophisticated USB hub) and then through to the microprocessor (CPU) which performs the data capture and switching processes.

True USB Emulation

USB Emulation Comparison: True USB Emulation

The inside view of a True Emulation USB switch

The emulated section of the switch is shown in blue and handles only the keyboard and mouse. This section relies heavily on the emulation engine, a custom circuit that is closely allied with each of the USB hubs. These ensure that all connections to the computers remain active.

Overall Verdict

While most standard KVM Switches offer normal USB emulation, Black Box's Wizard KVM switching wins extra points by focusing on transparent USB data streams and dedicated ports for keyboard and mouse (K/M) with true emulation, allowing faster switching, individual USB channel sharing and usage of K/M with extended functions. In regards to video, these switches support Single and Dual Link DVI, HDCP protected contents as well as VGA inputs to control legacy and power workstations over one system. This solution enables switching of up to 4 video channels on a single unit, or 12 video channels with cascased, synchronized switches. Move and extend program windows seamlessly across multiple screens, and control CPUs with multiple graphic outputs.

The port selection settings allow convenient fast switching commands and is also suitable for automated systems via API. Future proof is safeguarded where free upgrades for future peripheral protocols are provided. On top of this, security is also guaranteed since Black Box Wizard KVM solutions make sure that switching is limited to authorized users using the optional password protection.

To sum up, this is one of the best solutions for a clean separation of USB K/M from transparent USB data stream for fast and individual USB channel switching, correct signal treatment and support of keyboard/ mouse with extended functions for your challenging business needs.

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