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Black Box Launches Broadest Range of NIAP 3.0 Certified Secure KVM Switches

New Black Box Secure KVM Switching Technology Mitigates Cybersecurity Risk in Critical Defense Systems

PITTSBURGH, August 2018 -- Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ: BBOX), a leading digital solutions provider, today announced its line of Secure KVM Switches has been added to the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) product compliant list. All switches have been tested and certified, meeting the strict requirements of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) 3.0, the highest Common Criteria Level for Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switching Version 3.0. The new Black Box Secure KVM line includes the industry’s first NIAP 3.0-certified secure KVM matrix switches and a KVM protector. Altogether, they isolate each computer source with shared peripheral access to protect classified information against accidental transfer, unauthorised access or compromise of data, making them ideal for military and defense applications.

New control options and interfaces meet customer demands for secure switching

Any organisation that values its data, yet recognises that users need access to computers and networks at different classification levels, should reconsider their KVM switching options.

Black Box Secure KVM Switches are equipped with two, four, eight or 16 computer connections, supporting user consoles with up to four monitors. The Secure KVM Matrix Switches allow two or four different users to access four or eight different network enclaves with varying levels of security such as SIPRNet and NIPRNet. The KVM Protector locks down external peripherals and ensures data from audio, USB and video flows in a single direction, protecting valuable peripherals. Additionally, the Secure KVM Multi-Viewer allows end users to see up to four different secure sources on a single monitor.

Regardless of user location, their experience is as if their keyboard, monitor and mouse are connected directly to the CPU or server they’re accessing with Secure KVM Switches from Black Box. The secure KVM line also boasts crystal clear resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD for HDMI or DisplayPort video and dual-link DVI-I video that meet today’s resolution demands, while stereo audio, USB and PS/2-keyboard and mouse meet customer requirements for any type of application.

“The security situation confronting government and military authorities as well as any other institution has changed drastically over the last two decades. We strive to protect our customers against cyber threats by providing them with products that feature advanced control options, fitting the highest security profile available,” said John Hickey, R&D & KVM Systems Director, at Black Box. “NIAP 3.0-certified KVM Matrix Switches that enable access for two or four users to two, four, or eight computers are entirely new to the secure KVM switch market and fill a need for military applications.”

One of the new Secure KVM Switches from Black Box even allows for monitoring of four computer sources on a single screen. In addition, Black Box has released KVM switches for operators that require high situational awareness and instant switching across multiple monitors. And a KVM Protector that prevents data leakage and intrusion through shared peripherals like printers, projectors or audio systems.

Black Box NIAP 3.0 Secure KVM Switches help users with limited space maintain a safe and clean workspace by letting them access multiple, remote computers from one keyboard and mouse and up to four monitors.

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