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USB Connectivity Products

USB Connectivity Products

Universal Serial Bus (USB) - The Smart Way to Connect Peripherals

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The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the reliable interface of choice for computers and many peripherals. USB ports and cables connect computers including laptops, smartphones, and tablets to peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, scanners and much more.

USB can also send power to devices and is often use to charge portable devices. Newer USB standards even support AV-connectivity with displays.

Meet your connectivity requirements with choices of USB products, cable lengths, port options and cable standards.

USB Connectivity Benefits

  • True plug-and-play installation

    Requires no drivers, configuration, or computer expertise.

  • Quickly expandable

    Up to 127 devices can be connected to a single USB port through cost-efficient USB hubs.

  • Hot-swappable connections

    Instantly add or replace USB devices, no need to reboot your PC or laptop.

  • Fast transmissions and large bandwidth

    Speeds up to 10 Gbit/s are possible with the latest USB 3.1 standard.

  • Self-powered

    USB ports provide power to the connected device, no need for external power adapters.

  • Small footprint

    USB connectors fit perfectly on compact devices.

  • Efficient

    Worry-free operation with simultaneous data sharing and power delivery.

  • Audio/Video Support

    Latest USB3.1 standards delivers crystal-clear digital audio and video for easy extension or duplication of displays.

USB Connectivity Portfolio

Easily connect, extend and switch USB signals between devices.

USB Connectivity Products - USB Cables & Adapters

USB Cables & Adapters

Charge, sync and connect devices with the right USB cables and adapters for your application.

USB Connectivity Products - USB Hubs

USB Hubs

USB hubs make it easy to add more ports and peripherals. Quickly recharge devices through special charging ports. Choose from standard and industrial housings.

USB Connectivity Products - USB Converters

USB Converters

Connect incompatible interfaces with our wide range of USB converters. Attach RS-232/422/485-devices to your USB ports or connect displays to USB Type-C ports on laptops.

USB Connectivity Products - USB Extenders

USB Extenders

Extend your network by connecting to USB printers, scanners, touch screens, and other peripherals up to 10 km away.


USB Product Selection Made Easy

Choosing the right USB products for your application is now just as easy as connecting a USB device to your host. Black Box offers a wide range of USB products fully compatible with the USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and/or USB 3.0/3.1 standard.


USB Connections Beyond the 5-Metres Limitation


USB devices cannot always be positioned right beside the user's work space. The USB standard limits the distance between a USB device and a host to a maximum of 5-metres. Often, there are security, safety, aesthetic, policy or privacy reasons that require USB devices to be place further away from the user.

A cost-efficient solution for users accessing remote USB devices are USB extenders. They use media such as CATx, fibre or a LAN-connection to transmit USB 1.1, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0/3.1 signals over distances up to 10 km.

Watch the video and understand how and where to use USB extenders.

How to Connect to USB Type-C

Nowadays, many laptops and other devices are equipped with small factor USB Type-C connectors only. USB Type-C is the connector of choice for the new super-speed USB 3.0/3.1 standard that now supports also video connections. A frequently asked question is how to connect external displays, a network and other USB devices to this port.

Read our Black Box explains USB Type-C article to learn more about the new USB 3.1 standard.

Leading USB Technology from Black Box

USB Connectivity Products - USB 3.1 Extender

Introducing USB 3.1 Extender

  • Extend up to four USB devices up to 100 m over CAT6A/7
  • Support USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices
  • 100/1000Mbit/s Ethernet Side Channel
  • Ideal for web conferencing and machine vision cameras

USB Connectivity Products - USB-C Docking Station

Introducing USB-C Docking Station

  • Get full connectivity for devices with USB Type-C interfaces
  • Connect a 4K30 HDMI display on a bigger screen
  • Two USB C-ports support both PD charging and data transfer
  • Get network access through the Gigabit Ethernet port, or read data on memory cards inserted in the Micro SD, SD/MMC port


USB Connectivity Applications

USB Connectivity Applications - Office


Connect local USB devices such as USB printers, scanners, keyboard and mouse through USB 3.1, 2.0 or 1.1 cables or use USB extenders to connect to remote USB devices. USB hubs and cables assist you to access additional USB peripherals or monitors (video for USB 3.1 Type C only) from your laptop or PC.

USB Connectivity Applications - Conferencing


Place USB 3.1 web conferencing systems and other USB devices at any location. Choose from a large USB cable selection for local devices. USB 3.1 extenders allow conference participants reliable and simultaneous access up to 100m via CATx cable. Use USB-C docking stations to access multiple USB devices like printers, cameras, and 4K monitors with your laptop.

USB Connectivity Applications - Industry Automation

Industry Automation

Move touch screens and other computer controls with common USB 2.0 interfaces into safe and clean areas far away from the machines. USB fibre extenders provide reliable control free of interference over distances up to 10 km. Control RS-232/422/485 devices through the USB port of your PC with USB converters and connect any type of USB peripheral through our wide USB cable selection.

USB Connectivity Applications - Machine Vision

Machine Vision

Machine vision cameras commonly feature USB 3.0 interfaces with limited cable connections up to 3 m. However many manufacturers install them for a more reliable production inspection and efficiency. With Black Box USB 3.0 Extenders, they can now be controlled over a distance of 100 m.

USB Connectivity Applications - Healthcare


Hospitals and other medical services need to isolate their patient data by locating their host computers in secured rooms far away from the patient care area. USB 2.0/3.0 extenders can assist them to bridge the distance between the remote data centre and their diagnostic and imagery equipment. USB Type-C docking stations connect laptops to external 4K displays, the network and other USB devices at the same time. High-quality USB cables ensure reliable connections between USB ports and shapes to every standard.

USB Connectivity Applications - Education


Interactive whiteboards replace more and more traditional chalk boards as they allow easy content modification of existing teacher material and web contents. For a sustained learning, the contents must be stored on a school PC to get results distributed to the students. USB extenders make this an easy job bridging the gap between the whiteboard and PC. Today 2-in-1 Notebooks (Convertibles) are common usage in education. Usually, they feature only the small USB Type-C ports. Use USB-C docking stations, and USB cables and adapters to connect them to the network, a display or a projector and add multiple USB devices like printers, scanners or audio systems.

USB Connectivity Applications - Security


Security cameras and ID-systems like finger print and eye scanners are typically located far away from the data server. USB extenders provide reliable connections between the two areas, offering fast and reliable transmission also for bandwidth-intense images and videos.

USB Connectivity Applications - Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Retail stores use adverts on digital displays to attract customer attention. Often they are accomplished by interactive touch screens with USB 2.0 interfaces allowing instant buys. USB cables connect the touch screen to the ERP systems, while USB extenders can bridge distance throughout a whole shopping mall.


USB-C Adapters

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