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Measure, Control and Switch with Black Box IoT Devices

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With rapid technological evolution and digitalization, there is now a heightened focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, well-being, and connectivity. Advanced IoT services are transforming commercial buildings into smart, efficient, sustainable, and safe environments that intelligently adapt and respond to people’s needs.

Environmental issues account for nearly 30% of all unexpected downtime, with UPS failures ranking first, followed closely by temperature issues and HVAC failures. With an average cost of $750,000 per outage, it is vital to take precautions against these types of losses.

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll learn how Black Box's AlertWerks anticipates trends, responds to physical threats, and actively alerts on environmental conditions that can help prevent costly downtime. The webinar will also cover

  • An overview of IoT and why we need it
  • AlertWerks environmental monitoring system
  • Introduction to AlertWerks 2.0
  • Case Study: Taiwan Railway Administration
  • Case Study: National Fire Agency