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Advantages of video on fibre optic cable.

Advantages of fibre optic cable over copper coax cable to transmit video

Superior performance

Fibre cable supports a very high data rate and yields a very low signal loss. So you get sharp, clear video over far greater distances than you would with ordinary copper cable.

Electrical immunity

Fibre optic cable is completely immune to any form of external frequency-related interference - power surges, electromagnetic interference, nearby radio towers, and nearby lightning strikes.

High security

Because fibre optic cable is a light-based transmission medium, it's completely immune to electronic eavesdropping. Of course, fibre optic cable can be physically "tapped" to intercept data. But splicing or any other disturbance of the fibre core immediately decreases the signal level, which can easily be seen as a degradation of video quality, alerting the user to a possible tap.

Easy handling -

Fibre optic cable is light, flexible, and much easier to run than coax cable. A 304-metre coax cable weighs36kg. The same length of fibre cable weighs just under 2.8kg - that's 13 times lighter.

Size and weight

Its size and weight advantages also give you space-saving options when you route cables through close quarters.

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