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Multi Site Rollouts

Global coverage with a local focus

Worldwide Installation Services for Datacenters & Infrastructure, Cables and Infrastructure, Data Network, Digital Signage, CATV & Video, Wireless Solutions, Multi Site Rollouts, Voice Services and Maintenance and Service

Ensuring Success

Black Box Network Services has a wealth of experience with multi site rollouts both within the UK and Ireland and across EMEA.

With our team of designers, project managers, helpdesk support, and on-site technicians we can offer a cradle-to-grave solution.

We believe managing a successful implementation requires solid planning from conception, and our designers can assist you in planning your multi site rollout.

Our team of Prince 2 trained project managers will ensure the correct processes and best practices are used to ensure project success. They will take overall responsibility for the rollout.

Request a free consultation

Let us assist you in your project and answer any questions related to your application.

Our EMEA Service Desk is based in Reading, and is on call 24/7 to receive any intervention requests and to assist the project managers.

Our experienced and flexible on-site technicians, with their proven quality installation process and procedures, will ensure a smooth and successful installation and any on-going maintenance.

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Unified Communications
Managed Services
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