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Letter From The CEO

The objective of our company is ensuring safety of all our employees, customers and stakeholders by following the safety and regulatory protocols and guidelines.

Letter from the CEO - April 28, 2020

Dear Black Box Customer:

On behalf of the entire Black Box team, let me express our shared hope that this email finds you, your family and friends, and your co-workers well.

When I wrote to you in mid-March, the world was just beginning to understand the danger posed by COVID-19, and businesses were adapting quickly. I am proud of how we responded to those early challenges and continued to serve our customers.

Today, as parts of the global economy consider "what's next," Black Box has turned its attention to helping customers achieve the right balance for their unique circumstances. We know many factors will shape an organization's response to re-opening or creating the new normal. Our priority now is to understand those plans and partner with customers in a way that achieves their business objectives while balancing the safety of all involved.

Helping customers accelerate their businesses is our passion and it is deeply rewarding. Our team members and I appreciate the many customers who have been there for us and expressed sentiments like this one, we will always remember how Black Box helped us during these difficult times.

I want to assure you that, as always, Black Box is here for you.

Despite the prevalence of bad news, I am convinced these days also hold promise. I remain confident that human ingenuity will prevail. Evidence of shared compassion all around us makes me optimistic that the human spirit can, and will, thrive despite adversity.

For assistance, or a friendly voice, I encourage you to reach out to your account manager or local Black Box office. We look forward to working with you to achieve new things - Together.


Sanjeev Verma
President & CEO of Black Box Corporation
Executive Director of Black Box Ltd

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