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Selecting a video converter.

Selecting a video converter

Resolution and refresh rate

Many modern flat screen monitors will only display a small range of refresh rates and resolutions, and most will not display any refresh rates below 60Hz.

PAL has a refresh rate of only 50Hz and so can not be displayed on most flat screens without conversion of the refresh rate up to at least 60Hz in addition to converting the video format.

Always check the specification of your monitor and converter to make sure that the monitor will display the refresh rates and resolution output by the converter.

If in doubt, call Black Box technical support.

Hardware conversion vs. software conversion

Video converters can convert PC signals to video using hardware or software. Software conversion is less expensive than hardware conversion, especially where high quality and wide compatibility are not a priority.

But conversion software can sometimes interfere with the graphics software you’re using. So if you’re going to use a software-based video converter, make sure your conversion software and your graphics and display software are compatible.

When you’re using a variety of hardware and software, hardware-based units are your best options for video conversion.


If you’ll be using your video converter for trade shows or other travelling presentations, consider portability carefully. It’s unlikely you’ll want to carry a four-pound video converter through an airport, even if it does offer the best resolution. Instead, choose a converter like our VGA to Video Portable Pro, which offers many of the features of our professional models in a more compact package.