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Complete, reliable infrastructure

Complete, reliable infrastructure

Infrastructure Solutions in the Energy Sector

Infrastructure provides the critical connections around the plant and across multiple sites to link everything together. The requirements for infrastructure vary greatly depending upon application.

Back office Infrastructure

For administration, documentation and communication, most sites employ Ethernet via CAT6 or CAT6a cabling, in a typical office style environment. Ethernet will typically be used to support customer billing systems, reporting systems, and other basic back office requirements

CAT6 Indoor Infrastructure cable

CAT6 Indoor Infrastructure cable, with a foil shielding around the 4 pairs. They are built around 23 AWG solid conductor copper and 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps networks. This cable is designed to operate in temperature ranges of 0 to +60°C and is flame retardant to IEC60332-1-2.

CAT6 Outdoor Infrastructure cable

CAT6 Outdoor Infrastructure cable is available in an armoured and a non-armoured version. It is gel filled for water resistance, and manufactured from 24 AWG solid copper. It can be run along the ground, in ducts or hung from catenary lines. The cable is designed to operate in temperatures of -40 to +70°C.

CAT6a Indoor 650MHz Low Smoke Zero Halogen

CAT6a Indoor 650MHz Low Smoke Zero Halogen foil shielded solid copper UTP cable for applications requiring 10Gig Ethernet support.

CAT6a Indoor 625MHz PVC

CAT6a Indoor 625MHz PVC unshielded twisted pair cable for applications requiring 10Gig Ethernet support. Ideal as distributed backbone, 10Gig to the desktop and active zone cabling, this cable supports high bandwidth applications requiring 10GbE support.


Industrial Infrastructure

For the monitoring of hazardous areas, fibre connectivity provides the electrical isolation required to pass monitoring information from areas containing AHM, through to the safety of the control rooms. Both copper and fibre based infrastructure can be supplied with additional features such as armouring, reduced toxicity, extreme weatherproofing, and electrical shielding.

OM3 Outdoor Multimode Armoured Fibre

OM3 Outdoor Multimode Armoured Fibre featuring a loose tube design with moisture protection and e-glass members to provide resistance to rodents. The cable features a Low Smoke Zero Halogen UV resistant black jacket so can be used in ducting, hung from a catenary wire or laid on the ground. It is available in 4 core, 8 core, 12 core and 24 core varieties in lengths of 200 and 300 metres.

OS1 / OS2 Outdoor Single Mode Armoured Fibre

OS1 / OS2 Outdoor Single Mode Armoured Fibre featuring a loose tube design with moisture protection and a corrugated steel tape armoured with two steel strength members, housed in a Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket rated to IEC 60332-1.

The TSE teams managing the TSIN require the flexibility and reliability of other systems such as environmental monitoring solutions, alarms, and secure access control. These systems often require the use of other diverse infrastructure types such as heavy shielding or water proofing etc. Varying from dry contact relays for access control, coax and twisted pair for CCTV monitoring systems, single twisted pairs for alarming systems, and multi-pair cable for the monitoring of plant sensors, the need for energy companies to have comprehensive, flexible and reliable infrastructure is as important as the systems that run over it. 

Infrastructure solutions for Energy Sector

Our clients within Energy sector

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