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ControlBridge by Black Box:
Effortlessly integrate touchscreen-operated
space and AV technology

A range of interfaces and connection options/intuitive control using user-friendly surfaces

Munich, August 2016 – The multimedia system features blackout in conference rooms, room temperature and light in building automation rooms, and KVM and AV systems in control consoles. These features can all be operated immediately and intuitively by touchscreen. All this is made possible by the new ControlBridge operating system by the KVM and AV solutions specialists, Black Box, as a central integration point for the relevant infrastructure attached. It allows almost all linkable light and shutter units (using the relevant relays) to be controlled via anything from displays and projectors to wall switches. Units can also be controlled via a mobile device. This makes operation considerably easier, meaning users can concentrate on their tasks rather than on figuring out complex technology.

ControlBridge has almost limitless connection options at its fingertips: besides operating an (existing) KVM or AV infrastructure, devices can also be connected to the central control unit via the Ethernet, serial interfaces, digital I/O and relays. This makes the system scalable, meaning it supports a broad range of industry standards in building automation such as DALI, KNX, EnOcean and Modbus. Even those technologies that have already been used can be easily programmed and operated. For example, the screen can be shut down, the lights dimmed, the projector started and the presentation can get underway with a simple touch of your fingertips.

Along with conference spaces, the system is also ideal for lecture theatres and training rooms. This is where video sources, audio systems, screens, blackout and room temperature can be managed. Connecting the KVM and AV infrastructure can also make the operation of video screens and data visualisation more effective and user-friendly in control consoles and control rooms. In all scenarios, the system is operated using a touchscreen or mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) as preferred, allowing for even greater levels of flexibility.

About Black Box:

Black Box (NASDAQ: BBOX) is one of the largest providers of KVM, AV, network and infrastructure solutions in the world. In these sectors, as well as with services in the telecommunications industry, the company supports over 175,000 customers in 33 countries with 89 branches. With the European Tech Support Centre, in which around 50 experienced technical employees are solely responsible for providing competent technical advice, Black Box offers a unique service programme both internationally and on site. At the same time, Black Box combines products from an extensive portfolio with over 10,000 IT products and knowledge of current technologies and trends to individual solutions, which have been optimally tailored to benefit the customer.

The headquarters of the parent company, Black Box Corporation, is in Pittsburgh, USA. Globally, the company employs around 3800 employees. Its clientele includes small and medium-sized companies, as well as major enterprises from different sectors such as industry, telecommunications, radio, transport, health and public administration, as well as banks and insurance.

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